Africa-China Relations – Introduction

The next few blog posts discuss the burgeoning relationship between Africa and China and explore its implications for the citizens of Africa. The posts offer insights into this timely issue, which is all too often discussed by those not of the continent, from an African citizen’s perspective – mine.

In so doing, The AfriZen seeks to educate and inform African citizens, especially the African youth, on matters that are critical to them as Africa struggles to reposition itself in the emerging new world order. By opening up the topic to a wider African audience, The AfriZen also aims to foster discussions and exchanges of opinions and ideas, and to call on young African citizens to get actively involved in the decision-making, the shaping, and the management of Africa’s relations with the outside world, including but not limited to China.

The blog posts are presented in a simple and easily digestible format, featuring stories from real-life experiences so as to engage African readers, to provide them food for thought, and, ultimately, to inspire them for change. The issues discussed have a particular resonance to me as an Afrizen who has lived, worked, and travelled within the African continent. The stories are drawn from personal experiences garnered during my stay in China as well as through my work in Africa.

The advent of China onto the international scene, its rise to world leadership, the new geopolitical order in the making, and the African continent’s transformation are all events taking place during the lifetime of today’s young African citizens. These events hold the promise of a new beginning for Africa, and offer a tremendous opportunity for the continent to have its say and its way.

It is my hope that the new generation of African citizens will rise to the task of charting their own paths, that they will lead the way, and take ownership of the shaping of their continent’s destiny.

(15 August 2013)


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